Monday, August 31, 2009

Game 3 Thoughts

Took a while to get rolling Saturday. The Chiefs have always been the team I dislike the least out of the old AFC West teams. I think they have a real good nucleus of young talent. I'm a huge Dwayne Bowe fan, Tyson Jackson is going to be pretty a damn good player. It pains me to see Glen Dorsey, a solid 4-3 defensive tackle, getting drafted by a 4-3 staff that got fired, now Dorsey is stuck in the 3-4, he could be an end, but did they really spend two top 10 picks on 3-4 line anchors? Will that get them to sleep at night?

I really want to see how the offense does when they cut it loose and use the whole passing game. Thats a very limited playbook right now, but they had a play last night that totally wet my appetite.

I believe it was in the first quarter, play action pass, branch ran a deep post to run off drag the corner with him on a Cover 3. Burleson ran a cross 15-20 yards downfield in front of the safeties and behind the linebackers. Hasslebeck dropped it in for a big gain.

This, my friends, is what Greg Knapp is all about. Play action an getting the ball downfield.

Brandon Mebane has been channelling his inner Cortez Kennedy and having at least one play a game where he utterly destroys the interior offensive line and ruthlessly disrupts the play. Its beautiful.

Max Unger is still getting used to playing guard. He did not have a very good game Saturday. When you pull, seal off the hole, don't push the guy into the hole! He still pulls like a Center, a little to circuitous for me.

Steve Vallos is really growing on me.

I think Patrick Kearney has given up on stopping the run and instead is choosing to just try and get up field and make a play, gap control be damned.

This is a real talented team, I say that every week. The line play was better, the running game was better, but still not great. They will get there. I'm feeling alright about this season.

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