Monday, August 10, 2009

Training Camp Defense Preview

I think like a Coach, probably because I have coached, so when I think of the Seahawks, I think of their flaws far more than their strengths. But, I'll put on my optimistic hat on this review of the defense.

I've ripped apart this defense before and the teams propensity to make lateral moves rather than progressive moves, but how many teams have as many good players on a defense as the Seahawks.

Brandon Mebane is a damn good player.

Patrick Kerney is a damn good pass rusher.

Lofa Tatupu is a solid, and smart, middle linebacker.

Leroy Hill, when used right, is a monster.

Marcus Trufant is one of the best cornerbacks in the league(Watch how all teams avoided him last year).

Not many teams have one of the best cbs, two of the better linebackers, one of the best pass rushers and one of the best interior tackles and go 4-12.

The Seahawks defense was top heavy talentwise, and when injuries slowed down Tatupu and stopped Kerney, the rest of the defense couldn't pick up the slack.

You can point to the scheme, and I've pointed to it many times. But Tapp and Jackson couldn't get pressure, the d line couldn't keep blockers off the linebackers, Julian Peterson had a secretly awful year, Kelly Jennings and Josh Wilson got picked on a lot. Deion Grant combined age with a bad knee and Brian Russell, I really don't know what happened with him.

I know, I said I'd be an optimist. Here goes. Aside from Grant and Russell, every other player that struggled was young. They will continue to improve, and with a new coaching staff that looks to be very solid, that improvement should be significant. You also have more beef in the middle with Trent Cole, a versatile player like Cory Redding and a supposedly healthy Red Bryant. Aaron Curry is everything Julian Peterson wasn't, a gap disciplined player that can tackle. I'm still not sold on Kelly Jennings, not because he's short, but because he's small. I think Josh Wilson will turn out to be a good player, he's short, but stout and strong. We are running a Tampa 2, you need strong corners, not necessarily big ones. I'm still a bit concerned at safety, but if the front seven does its job, Grant and Russell won't be an issue.

This defense could be very good, or just good, but I think it will be the strength of the team this year.

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