Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The NFL should really look toward changing their overtime format, and I'm not going to be a conventionalist and say that they should adopt college footballs overtime, that wacky hodgepodge wouldn't fit with the NFL. I wonder why they simply do not extend the game an extra quarter, not the first to score wins, but the team winning at the end of the period is the winner. If it is still tied, the game continues, much like baseball, or the NBA. Each time should have a shot at scoring. However, the NFL is tied to television contracts more than any other league, and extended games, mean the screwing up of the major networks programming. But still, its the best way to handle that mess.An 11-5 team should not miss the playoffs because an 8-8 snuck in.

In a few years, Seahawks fans will begin to realize how good Mike Holmgren was, and the tired "It was time to move on" refrain was nothing more than a reflection on our impatient, life gets stale, quick hook, culture. For ten years, he was a wizard, then his entire offensive line and entire receiving corps and his quarterback gets hurt and all of a sudden his offense is stale and outdated? come on. Nothing is reverred anymore, especially in sports. We live in a culture that wants to tear apart anything great or exceptional, great athletes, actors, anything. Its sick. The "tell all" books. The "See, they are just like us!" sections in US Weekly, one great, massive 200 million person inferiority complex.

I enjoy 3 hour movies far more than a 90 minute one. I like movies that give the directors time to tell their stories rather than movies that attack you with cardboard characters and big explosions.
I can't decide whether I liked The Curious Tale of Benjamin Button or not. I can't decide whether Brad Pitt's performance in The Curious Tale of Benjamin Button was good or not. Whether his minimalist performance was him portraying a simple man living an extraordinary life, or an actor stricken by a role unlike anything he is done and utterly paralyzed. I couldn't help but notice the similarities between this movie and Forrest Gump(only today did I read it was written by the same person), a person born under exceptional circumstances with an undeterrable attitude stumbles into a life full of fantastic experiences. Like Forrest Gump, the main character is the canvass, and the other characters are the colors, the love interest is a wild, indulgent character that expresses the times(or in Benjamin Button, the natural process of life). I liked Forrest Gump better