Saturday, February 12, 2011

Some random draft thoughts

Thanks to the, watched some film on Justin Houston, the defensive end from Georgia as a potential pick for the Hawks Leo position on defense. I liked Chris Clemons at the Leo position this year, as well as Raheem Block, but some depth is needed and Clemons is a bit of a one trick pony. The Hawks need more depth at their specialized positions, the Red Bryant anchor position and the LEO. Houston is a great athlete, very light on his feet, great burst off the ball and had a good build and long arms.

I'm always hesitant about players from Georgia because of effort issues. Houston is no different. He doesn't play as hard against the run, especially interior running plays. Teams ran a lot of read option to his side and he wasn't terrible, just a little slow at decision making at times. If he's not directly involved in the play his effort just isn't there. He doesn't have a lot of pass rush moves at this time, most of the time he just tries to run around the tackle, and occasionally tries to power back inside. He doesn't use his hands particularly well, but he has strong hands and could excel as a pass rusher over time.

I'm slowly becoming more of a believer that the Hawks shouldn't draft a quarterback in the first round unless they've been blessed with a qb dropping. I think we should do one more year of Hass, draft a mid round qb and have him get groomed by Hass next year.