Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm not going to start beating the "hear we go again" drum in regards to injuries. But I'm damn sick and tired of our o line getting banged up. I'm tired of all the shoulder injuries, I'm tired of the slow healing time of the Seahawks players, and I'm tired of Chris Spencer getting hurt. As for all the shoulder injuries the Seahawks have had over the past few years, playing on the line takes its toll on the body, especially the shoulders, I know, but I have to think that there has to be something in the weight program that is leading to all these injuries. I just remember the Huskies earlier this decade having a rash of shoulder injuries because of flaws in their weightlifting program.

I like Chris Spencer, I loved him in college and was massively stoked when the Seahawks signed him. He was strong, athletic and moved through traffic well to get to his blocks. He still does all these things, but he's not quick enough to be a real all pro center, despite his massive strength. People get in on his chest and control him. He's improving, but the injuries are really stunting his progress. I like Max Unger, but I don't like having a rookie playing center. The Seahawks offense was the most efficient when Hasslebeck didn't have to help Tobeck with the line calls. With everything Tobeck lacked athletically, he had a good build for a center and was exceptionally smart.

I think the Hawks receiving corps is going to be real solid, they just need time to get open.

I'm not freaking out about Locklear's dastardly performance, moving from right to left tackle is a complete change in technique and muscle memory, everything is flip flopped. I know he's been getting snaps at left tackle throughout training camp, but its hard to undo the years of right tackle he's played. The fiendish speed of the Broncos d line didn't help either.

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