Friday, August 28, 2009


There are two trails of thought on this whole Edgerrin James thing. One, is enthusiasm, a big name player from the U is gracing the Seahawks with his presence, hoping to bolster an anemic and punchless running game. The other, is wondering why the Seahawks have given up their best short yardage back to sign a guy who, aside from gold teeth and dreads, is a lot like Franco Harris in 1984.

I guess you could call me torn. I like the fact that James is still quick to the hole, shifty and all that jazz. But I don't like how we basically signed another Julius Jones(minus the fumbles) and gave up our best short yardage back. You talk about all-around players, and I suppose James fits that role better than the beastly Duckett. But Duckett gave the Seahawks attitude in a situation where they normally got pushed back and denied. Where Shaun Alexander would put on his skirt, twirl and fall, Duckett would power through the defense to get the first down.

And its not like they signed a game breaker, I'm not sure Edge could outrun an average high school player. Where's the pop going to come from in this run game?

On the flip side, when the o line opens holes, they will close quickly, so a guy quick to the hole is an advantage.

I hate Julius Jones, not just because he's a Notre Dame tool, that I'd trade both him and Edge for his brother, or that he absolutely ruined a Monday Night in December 2004 for me. I hate him because he fumbles. An runner who fumbles is an unreliable runner. There's a reason this guy has never had a full workload before, there's a reason the Hawks signed Edge in the first place. Nobody trusts Julius.

Nonetheless, when the first Julius Jones touchdown comes in a shellacking week 1 with the Rams, I'll be cheering like the rest of you.

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