Monday, August 17, 2009

Looking back on Game 1

You can't tell a whole lot from the preseason, but with new coaches, you do get to see the makings of the new scheme they are installing. And it appears that the scheme is actually going to use the players in ways that maximizes their ability. So, you no longer will see Patrick Kerney sprinting 20 yards downfield to cover the deep seam on a zone blitz. Instead, you'll see him cover the underneath on a shallow zone. You'll see Mebane put in a position to dominate, and the d line rotation will become more situational, rather than a systematic rotation.

I want to like Kelly Jennings, he has good technique, but is simply too small. Once Trufant comes back, you'll see him fade into the fourth corner spot. I like the top three of Trufant, Lucas and Wilson.

I think Craig Terrell's days are numbered.
Mike Teel is raw, has a huge arm, but accuracy will be an issue. Not bad for his first NFL game.

I watched the game with a large group of people, and the TiVo isn't working, so I wasn't able to watch as closley as I wanted.

Overall, this team is extremely talented, more talented than I thought. They are athletic, and I am really liking the defensive scheme so far. But, just one preseason game, doesn't mean a whole lot.

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