Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rams game Preview

A few keys for the Rams game this Sunday.

Contain Stephen Jackson. Do not let this guy get rolling. The Rams are going to line up in alot of tight sets and try to establish the running game. If they get the running game going, they'll use play action to get Bulger some time. They've got some big guys up front so leverage and gap control is important. Most importantly, the Seahawks have to fly to the ball and tackle, rarely does it only take one guy to corral Jackson, he's a horse.I'm not terribly worried about their pass game, I don't think our secondary is great, but I'm not too worried about anyone but Avery if they get the running game going and we have to man up on him. He's a burner.

On Offense: Run the ball. Even if its slow going early on, keep at it. That will prevent Little from flying up field. They won't throw as many exotic schemes and sell out blitzes as they have in the past. I'd anticipate seeing more blitzes than Spagunola(sp?) used with the Giants, but nothing compared to what we've seen the last few years with the Rams. They do have some good blitzers in the secondary, so I wouldn't be surprised to see the nickle corner flying off the edge on occasion.The fact is, the Seahawks are better than the Rams right now. The Rams have talent, but are young, they have a good coaching staff, but the system isn't in place. I'm confident the Seahawks, in front of their home crowd, will be passionate, and sound fundamental defense. I think this is our last year of walking all over them up here, they are a team on the up and up.

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