Thursday, September 10, 2009


I hate the Steelers, I really do. Which is a change for me, from 1994-January of 2005, I liked the Steelers. Everybody has teams that they casually like, and can quasi pull for when their team is out of it, and the Steelers were just that team. Throughout the 90's I watched Cowher, Neil O Donnel, Kordell, Greg LLoyd, Carnell Lake, Yancy Thigpen and the gang get close, but never quite win it all. Maybe I was drawn to them because they always took on teams I hated, the Chargers in 94, the Cowboys in 95, the Broncos in 97, the Patriots in 2001 and 2004. Its amazing how one game changes everything. Somehow, in two weeks, I went from being happy for Cowher and the gang for making the Super Bowl, to A) Wishing it was the Broncos so the Seahawks could win by 50, B) Fostering an unbelievable amount of hate for Joey Porter C) Fostering an equal amount of hate for Jerome Bettis and D) Allowing the media's complete and utter disrespect for the best team in the NFL get to me.

By the time the game rolled around, I was eager to stick it to those bastards, then the travesty that I will not speak of happened. And I have rooted against those bastards(exception: the last Super Bowl) for every single game.

Naturally, tonight, I hoped the Titans, a team I like and respect, would piss all over Heinz Field and disintegrate Big Ben the Guard Dog. I watched the first half and the ending. Pittsburgh won, which I expected. It was a good battle, and I get the feeling that Tennesse rolls over them if they meet again in the playoffs. Despite everyone disregarding the Titans for losing Haynesworth, that front four is unbelievable, that defense is very well coached, and I truly believe they would've hoisted the trophy last year if it weren't for all that fluky shit that happened in the game against the Ravens.

Chris Johnson is unbelievably fast.

Reports of the demise of Kerry Collins are exaggerated.

The Steelers defense, I hate to say, is still very good. However, a team with a quality tight end and a playmaking slot receiver(God, that sounds like the Seahawks) can still pick their coverages apart.

Go Hawks.

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