Monday, September 14, 2009

First opening day shutout since 98

Going to watch the game again tonight, a few thoughts upon the first viewing.

Total growing pains with the offense early on, Hasslebeck looked awful, players weren't on the same page.

The defense was very good.

Lawrence Jackson, a few weeks after I question his heart, plays inspired football, and makes plays, I intend to watch him closely on the second viewing to see if he really played well or he just gambled and won a lot.

Daryl Tapp, another guy I piss on regularly for his selfish play, showed great instincts and pass rushing ability. He did a real good job of diagnosing plays.

Offensive line blocking was inconsistent, especially with the running game. Rob Sims had a few noticably excellent blocks.

Kind of disappointed it took a half for Knapp to realize the Rams coverage was heavily keyed on Housh and taking advantage of it.

Fumble aside, Nate looked good.

Aaron Curry is going to learn how to control himself a little better, but I loved his passion.

Patrick Kerney was nonexistant, might've been schemed that way, might be he's just getting old.

Getting tired of punters trying to drop it at the 1, the kick is a success if its downed from the 19 yard line and in.

Speaking of punters, it pains me royally to think that we once had Donnie Jones and let him go.

More thoughts tomorrow after I roll the tape again.

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