Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Houshmandzadeh, finally the Hawks get a big, tall, strong receiver with great hands. And he runs good routes. Stick him on the outside, and Burleson, and Branch in the slot. Branch is tailor made for that role. I like the makings of this seahawks offense for next year and I am relieved that this makes drafting Crabtree not necessary. I don't like having rookies in positions where they have to start. Its like starting true freshmen in college ball.

Jason Smith, the tackle from baylor, if available would be nice. And then kenny britt in the second round, maybe that UNC receiver(nicks?) if they have to trade down. Later rounds get a younger safety, someone that can run and has good instincts. Its important to draft a safety that has makeup speed, they will make mistakes in pursuit and coverage reads, you need a guy with the athleticism to make up for them.

I just don't want to see Brian Russell there anymore, and Deion Grant, bless his soul, plays hard, hits hard, but he's winding down.
They need a little youth, or at least someone younger.

But then again, i thought they were horribly horribly horribly horribly used last year in marshalls scheme. Absolutely horrible. I couldn't have thought up worse ways to use those two guys.

So, they might be better in a less horrid scheme. God that was bad.

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