Monday, March 9, 2009

The Washington Huskies will not get past the Sweet 16 this year, take it to the bank.
Insane athletes, terrible outside shooting, questionable coaching decisions and ball control against zones, undisciplined defense, they are a year away from being a top 10 team, two years from a top 5, they just aren't there yet. Plus I expect them to live in foul trouble during the tournament, they will have to deal with officiating crews not used to their physical nature.

UCLA sucks. the offense is questionable, the defense isn't what it usually is, they are overcoached. I don't see the same intensity from this group. Sweet 16 tops.

Arizona State can be dangerous. I know what your thinking, its a two man show. But, you have a 2-3 zone that can befuddle teams, a big time scorer, a great rebounder, and shooters around them. Elite 8 perhaps.

Pac 10 is a year away from making any real noise.

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