Thursday, March 12, 2009


Count me in as one guy who wouldn't be surprised at all if the Cougars won the Pac 10 tournament and went dancing.
Count me in as another guy who thinks the Huskies will have their hands full today. It pains me to say both things.

I hate conference tournaments, goes in line with my last post. I don't see the point in penalizing teams that win their conference by not even giving them a tourney birth.

As much as I loved Daryl Tapp at VaTech, he's disappointed me. He's shoddy against the run, both in technique and containment, he plays selfishly. The Seahawks don't have any ends that are good against the run. Kearney even gets washed every now and then. Thats why you see so many stretch plays against them, they get these light ends on their shoulders and drive them. I'd do the exact same thing. I'll never understand why they let go of Bryce Fisher in 2007. The oft injured Wistrom held down the fort as well, they struggled on interior runs back then, traps, powers, pulls. Thats why the Niners would beat them in 2006, they'd wear them down. I want a thick end with a fat ass in there, your push is coming in the middle anyway with Mebane, just contain the outsides, funnel the qb in the pocket. I don't like these slim defenses.

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