Monday, March 9, 2009

The Case Against Cinderella

Take this for what it is, I am a fan of the BCS, and I think the only feasible change would be a Plus 1 format. I hate the notion of BCS Busters and I hate how the regular season is deemed irrelevant. I hate how a body of work throughout the season is thrown out the window and one game is the judge.
If Utah had to play in the SEC, they wouldn't have been a BCS team, Utah knows this, everyone who watches College Football knows this, but we dance around this like other issues, ignoring it, living in a fantasy world where everyone is equal.
But I digress, the NCAA Tournament nears and the search for the next Cinderella, the next Gonzaga, George Mason, or Davidson, the next Valparioso. Let me say this, I am growing sick of Cinderella. Sure, upsets in the tournament are part of what makes the tournament the tournament. How can I forget Hampton beating Iowa State, or Gonzaga's inexplicable runs through the tournament? Yet when it comes to the Final Four, I want the best teams in, I want the 1's and the 2's fighting it out. I don't want George Mason taking the spot of UCONN, I want to see the titans, who have dominated all year sharing the same battlefield. There isn't any glory for the late arriver who shows up to the battlefield after everyone is bloodied and beaten and lands the kill shot.

I believe in excellence, I prefer to see excellence in sports. I want to see the two teams that have sustained excellence for the longest period of time over a team that is 16-14 in a no name conference who won their conference title game on a buzzer beater in front of 150 people.

As great as the tournament is, the format, the four games going on at once, the live look ins, the increased presence of Cinderella is growing tiresome. College Basketball is weaker, there is more parity, and its been occuring since players started jumping to the NBA in the mid 90's. Gone were the great teams of players playing together for four years. The Duke teams of the early 90's were replaced by the UNC teams of the mid 90's, uber talented teams with no chemistry and a constantly rotating roster every year.
Great players are what creates the difference between the great teams, and everyone else. Now all great players jump to the NBA after one or two seasons. The media is left to create legends of mediocre players in Adam Morrison, Tyler Hansborough and J.J. Reddick. If you think Blake Griffin is staying another year, your insane. He's going to chase the money, like everyone before him.
I like to see the great matchups, I like great games, I like sports played at the highest level possible. In order for any upset to happen, thats all that has to happen(Exception the near miss of St. Josephs vs Stanford years ago), in order for an upset to happen, the quality of play has to decrease. Its poor basketball.

Argue with me on this, I welcome it.

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