Wednesday, February 18, 2009

There is no such thing as a good loss....

Yes, I know this, every loss stings. Yet some losses are better than others, sometimes your team plays well, plays their hearts out and just gets beat. It happens. Here are a few...

2006 NFC Divisional Playoffs-Chicago 27 Seattle 24(OT) : The Seahawks had a running back with a broken foot, a quarterback with a bad knee and bad ribs, a secondary so banged up that guys getting significant playing time were bagging groceries two weeks earlier. They had been slaughtered by the Bears earlier in the season 37-6. The Bears were the number one seed and as pumped up as I've ever seen a team for a playoff game.
-Detractors of Mike Holmgren need to look at the game plan for this game. It was brilliant.
-Wounded and battered they outplayed the Bears throughout the entire game before falling at the end to big plays.

2003-NFC Wild Card Playoffs-Green Bay 33 Seattle 27(OT): Everybody knows about this game. I don't even need to say anything other than two gunslingers going at it.

1997-Denver 30 Seattle 27: The Seahawks went toe to toe with the future Super Bowl champions and were a fumbled punt returned for a touchdown and a completed slant pass on fourth down away from pulling off the huge upset.

1992 Philadelphia 20 Seattle 17: The worst offense in NFL history managed 87 total yards. Of course, the defense played lights out.

1992 Miami 19 Seattle 17: The Dolphins would go on to play in the AFC Title game. The Seahawks would go 2-14. The Seahawks had a fourth quarter lead but lost late.

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