Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Before Seahawks fans start clamoring for Deuce McCallister, I'd like to mention the Seahawks already have signed him. His name is T.J. Duckett, he is big, slow and likes to pull his calf muscle.

I am really hoping Griffey signs with the Braves, the fact the Mariners were pushing hard for him makes it seem that the new GM isn't pulling all the strings. By the way, its hard to a team to rebuild that has so many selfish and lazy players. They wasted more at bats than any team I've seen.

Looking at the Yankees starting rotation for next year, it seems they are loaded, or at least have more reliable starting pitching than they've had in five years. However, they play in New York.
How is A.J. Burnett, a perennial head case going to handle the wear and tear of the pressure of playing in New York? What about Sabathia? Can they really rely on Pettite to be the number 3 starter? He's a remarkably average pitcher now. How's the lineup going to work together? They just have a bunch of numbers guys. Where's the cohesion?

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