Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm buying what shark is selling

I am not one to blindly believe in a coach, or a team until I actually have seen them play a time or two, I still have my reservations about what Sarkisian is doing at UW, but I see nothing but good things in the future.

I like the enthusiasm, I like the open practice(Come August I'll be there as much as humanely possible), I like Nick Holt, a ferocious defensive coordinator, I like the physical attitude, the perfectionist streak and the speed that they are trying to build this team around. I like the athletes they are putting on the o line. I don't know about moving Ossai to guard, but I'll try to make it out there Saturday to see how he looks. Senio Kelemente switching to guard could work wonders, he's got good feet and was so raw technique wise at D tackle, he's not losing much switching to offense(*EDIT* I've watched a couple games on film and now I think moving Kelemente to guard is the absolute right idea, he was the worst DT i've ever seen, I'm shocked I didn't notice this during the season, he was literally getting destroyed every play).
The linebackers, with Savannah back, are good, probably the best part of the team. The tight ends have scary potential, Kavario Middleton, although not a big blocker, has the talent to play on Sundays. Chris Polk has me excited as well. There are some very good pieces on this team. I'm not saying they are winning 6 games next year, I hope for 4, but there is a good base with the underclassmen.

Last years UW team was the poorest coach and worst prepared college football team I've ever seen. I am not exaggerating. The lack of recruiting the first three years left the defense, young and utterly overmatched. The front 7 actually wasn't that terrible, it was the secondary that was truly a disaster and the fact that the offense would leave the defense with no support and in terrible position most of the season.
The offense was a mess. If you have a running quarterback and a huge offensive line and no receivers, why would you try and run the spread offense? Doesn't it require a line with good lateral movement? Receivers that can block, find spots in the zone and run good routes? I know the spread option is the sexy thing these days, but a power option game, however outdated, ran out of the I(the Huskies did have a legit fullback), would've controlled the clock better, kept the receivers from taking too much on themselves. Who would've wanted a piece of jake locker swinging around the end on offense? Granted, part of the 0-12 season was the fact locker was hurt, but I still think he was misused before he went down, they were losing to stanford when he was hurt. Stanford.

My one complaint, Sark is trying to turn Locker into a pocket passer, thats all and good, but he made his name with his legs, Sark has never dealt with a qb that can move like him, don't pigeonhole him. I've always felt that you recruit players who fit your system or if you have to take what you have, then build the system around the players. Tim Lappano tried to do that here, he was just an idiot. Its fine to make him more of a pocket passer, but I hope to see plenty of qb draws also next year, he's best when barrelling down hill, let him play.
Here's a prediction for you, by Locker's senior season, the Huskies will be an 8 win team.

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