Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I really don't like to damn a season before its started, but I am not optimistic about the Seahawks next season. The last time I wasn't optimistic was 2005, where I took the offseason off from the Seahawks to rehab my health, both physically and mentally after 2004(By far the toughest Seahawks season of my life). They lost their first game in typical Seahawks fashion, went 2-2, losing to the Redskins in typical Seahawks fashion and didn't hit their stride till the legendary victory over Dallas.

I wish I could feel the same about the Seahawks this year, but I know success comes and goes in the NFL, the Seahawks had their run, they had three great teams 2003, 2005, 2007. (Believe me, 2003 could've easily been 13-3, I'm not kidding). Their horses are aging, the new "talent" is mediocre, the coaching staff is okay. Thats it. Yet the important thing is I can still talk myself into getting excited, however, the more I know about football, the more I know that a great season is a low possibility. The defense could be good, and I'm hoping the Seahawks draft Aaron Curry. I used to be on the draft an o linemen bandwagon, but hopped off that when I realized Locklear will replace Walt, Willis will move to tackle(this alone gives me wet dreams) and there isn't a guard or center worthy of a high pick.

I'm not on the D.D. Lewis bandwagon, he is servicable, but not starter material, if Curry is there, take him. That would give you Hill, Tatupu and Curry chasing ball carriers behind a revamped D line which, if nothing else, is very deep. I still think they have too many attackers and not enough stuffers on the d line. I want a d line that can get push, not run around guys. Gap control at all times, at all times gap control.

I can't possibly stress how happy I am that Torry Holt is no longer in the division, the man took years off my life.

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