Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random thoughts...

I've given in, after a regular season long hiatus of the NBA, I have given in and watched the playoffs, I love basketball too much to completely shun that atrocity of a league.

As much as I hate everything Boston, I've found myself rooting for the Celtics the last two years. Last year it was to see KG and Ray Ray get a ring, this year, its because the wounded, crippled and utterly outmatched Celtics are somehow in great shape to go up 3-2 tonight on the Magic. I love the history of the NBA, and I love it when the teams that have been around for a while are good. Thats why its so imperative the Knicks are a playoff team. Playoff games, in MSG, are unrivalled.

Ron Artest should've been shot after game 3, early offense does not mean to drive into three defenders and hoist up a wild shot with 18 on the shot clock. Without Yao in there now, you'll see even more of that, Aaron Brooks isn't going to drop 30 every game.

Here's to the Magic, for once again proving that talent doesn't win championships, thats an incredibly athletic and skilled basketball team, too bad they coast too much and don't have that edge that playoff hardened teams (Cavs, Celts, Spurs) have. I feel like its 1995 all over again.

The Lakers constant falling asleep at the wheel has to bite them sometime. This is what happens when you have a roster full of softies and flakes.

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