Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jake Heaps

Husky fans are freaking out. The number 1 quarterback in the nation, Jake Heaps, chose to go to BYU instead of UW or any other big six school. But, when you step back and look at it, this wasn't a fatal blow, and, there are other qbs out there who are better fits.

Heaps has been running Skyline High School's offense since the sixth grade, at least thats when the youtube vids start and rarely been under center. Skyline's offense is like Texas Tech's, lots of short throws out of the shotgun. Going under center after spending your entire football career in the shotgun can be a difficult switch. Given Skyline's personnel during his two years at starter, a pro offense would've fit better, but hell, they've won the state title two years in a row, whose to complain. T

The first time I saw him play was similar to my first time watching Jake Locker. I didn't know that he was exceptional and was watching the game to watch Odea's plethora of D-1 recruits, just like three years prior I went to a Ferndale game to watch Kenendy's studs, figuring he was just another cog in the great Skyline passing machine. I watched Odea pound them for three quarters, left my place to go to a party, missed their comeback, and the next afternoon, my friend who watched the entire game told me that Heaps was one of the best high school quarterbacks he'd ever seen. He's very skilled, has a good arm, exceptionally smart and disciplined for a high school qb, and is cool under pressure. He's good.

However, he's not your standard 6'4" gunslinger, which is another advantage of him being in the shotgun. Granted, BYU was mostly under center last year, but they have a long standing tradition of lining up in the shotgun and slinging the ball all over the place. He's going to be a good player, but I'm not crushed that he's going elsewhere.

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